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Morning views from the tent by Oleg Grigoryev

The Mirror Suitcase Man by Rui Calçada Bastos

2014 Corso Zundert Parade in the Netherlands.

The world’s largest flower parade, Corso Zundert in the Netherlands! Located in the small town of Zundert at the Belgian border, the annual parade features 20 giant floats created by various districts within the city.

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BlackBurger by: Burger King

Burger King introduces black burger with charcoal cheese in Japan…! this is not Photoshop or a joke! this is 100% real!

Bird Wings Scarves

Fashion designer Roza Khamitova has created a collection of scarves with birds’ wings patterns.

Jello Bouncing

A feminist approach by: Niki Tagill.

Here is what the artist say about her project: “This project was created to explore the concept of a feminist take on the Disney Princess. A little twist here, a little word there, and voila. Here is a series of stories of strong, independent women that may or may not have a Prince, but their ‘happy endings’ are dictated by a sense of maturity and independence in handling their situation.”

Gigantic Flowers Carpet in Brussels

״Alienation״ by: Anelia Loubser‎.

In this series, artist Anelia Loubser captured human faces upside-down to create a ‘Look Like Aliens’ gallery…

Mag + Art by: Eisen Bernard Bernardo.

Magazine covers on classic works of art.

True facts about our daily life