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New characters jump in by The Gnarled Branch

visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheGnarledBranch/timeline

Colorful Iranian Architecture by: Mohammad Domiri

Photographer Mohammad Domiri has created this beautiful series of colorful iranian architecture

Darth Vader car

Hot Wheels and Star Wars recently joined forces to make a full-size car that resembles the look of the iconic helmet worn by Darth Vader.

Dont try this at home! but if you do…. sent us the video :)

Time Is Dancing by: Meike Harde

A Stunning Clock That Uses A Dancing Ballerina To Display The Time

Find more info at:

What not to say to a Graphic Designers

Marvels of Nature by: Emma Fay

Fields of Blue Flowers in Japan

An infinite carpets of blue flowers that is roll out on 190 hectares in the Hitashi Seaside Park in Japan,


This is huge!!!!! Joaquin Phoenix second face!!!!!!

Sponge Popsicles by PUTPUT

This is so cool! We are already waiting to try it out…

Find more information and buy at:

Childhood repainting by: Telmo Pieper 

Digital painted Creatures and stuff based on Telmo Pieper own childhood drawings. He designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now he reincarnated them with digital painting

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