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״Alienation״ by: Anelia Loubser‎.

In this series, artist Anelia Loubser captured human faces upside-down to create a ‘Look Like Aliens’ gallery…

Mag + Art by: Eisen Bernard Bernardo.

Magazine covers on classic works of art.

True facts about our daily life

New characters jump in by The Gnarled Branch

visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheGnarledBranch/timeline

Colorful Iranian Architecture by: Mohammad Domiri

Photographer Mohammad Domiri has created this beautiful series of colorful iranian architecture

Darth Vader car

Hot Wheels and Star Wars recently joined forces to make a full-size car that resembles the look of the iconic helmet worn by Darth Vader.

Dont try this at home! but if you do…. sent us the video :)

Time Is Dancing by: Meike Harde

A Stunning Clock That Uses A Dancing Ballerina To Display The Time

Find more info at:

What not to say to a Graphic Designers